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What is Harmony Radio?

Harmony Radio is a family-friendly radio station, created, owned and operated by a team of four Christians for the express purpose of bringing together good friends and great music in a comfortable, light and friendly atmosphere.

The owners of Harmony Radio are:

April, AKA Yankee Rose from CT
Drew, AKA Opus from AZ
Maria, AKA Corinna from CT
Meyer, AKA DJ Meyer from CT

We are all strong Christians with a desire to serve God by loving His people and sharing the Truth of His Word.

Harmony Radio is not, however, a Christian music and talk station. We offer a wide variety of music programming, both secular and Christian. We do offer some specifically Christian shows, such as 'Praising Him Through Our Worship' and 'A Living Hope.' We also offer some shows which have both secular and Christian content, such as 'Heart Sounds,' 'Opus Unlimited' and 'Yankee Rose's Anything Gozes!' Finally, we offer shows which focus on predominantly secular content, such as 'Memories and More,' 'Corinna's Corner CafĂ©' and 'Meyer's Music Emporium.'

Regardless of what show you choose to tune in to, we do our best to keep everything we play both family- and Christian-friendly. We try hard to avoid harshness and/or shock value. Therefore, if you find any of our content to be strongly offensive, please feel free to use the Contact Us area to help us understand your thinking. We would much rather hear from you than lose you as a friend and listener!

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for joining us and becoming part of the Harmony Radio family! We hope you enjoy your time with us!

In His Love,

Your Harmony Radio Management Team